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We encourage the team approach for each client by assigning specific transcriptionists to a client and designating a team leader who will assume responsibility for service, timely turnaround time, and customer satisfaction. With this approach, the clients and the transcriptionists form a bond of familiarity with the account; and as time goes by, the quality and timeliness of meeting deadlines improves.

In it's quest for superiority, docQmed LLC maintains it's goal of developing outstanding partnership with our healthcare customers and our docQmed LLC transcription Staff. When both are highly satisfied, production and customer satisfaction are at their highest levels. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty. We recognize the importance of providing integrity that builds a trusting relationship around our commitment to our customers and their total satisfaction.

docQmed LLC is an American owned and operated transcription service. Our staff has many years of experience supporting our clients across the healthcare, commercial, government, legal and municipal industries.
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